I Suppose…

I could probably be charged with blog neglect. Let’s hope nobody turns me in!

Needless to say, November and December were pretty busy months for us and not because of the holidays. We sold the house, bought a new one over Thanksgiving and then spent the rest of the year packing up all of our belongings. Christmas was pretty low key, but I have to say that not having to worry about all the Santa stuff was a huge relief this year. We went to Christmas Eve service and then opened our presents when we got home. Almost all of us enjoyed sleeping in Christmas morning… Jay, of course, was up early for one of his final duck hunts.

Packing the truck was more than a little stressful. We were all very doubtful that we’d be able to fit all of our belongings on the truck! It was a super tight squeeze, but our friends worked some magic and packed it all in. Loading day was gorgeous… we couldn’t have asked for nicer weather. Moving day was a whole other story! It was cold and windy and bad weather forced us to take a different route. It took us nearly 9 hours to make the journey that usually takes us 6!

So, we’re settling in and boxes are gradually disappearing. We love the new house! You should come for a visit if you haven’t already :)

New Digs

The Lord has really blessed us and it’s been very clear to us during this move.  We left behind some truly amazing friends in North Platte that we’ll have to stay in contact with.  Life won’t be the same without them :(

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