Merry Christmas

So much for that resolution…

I guess I can pretty much toss that sucker out the window!

Suffice it to say, it’s been a busy year so far. Maybe some mini-updates are in order…

Jay – Still working away and is as busy as ever. Ran a marathon on 10-10-10 and PR’d it (3:40:something). Played in a few alumni soccer games this past summer and is getting ready to start playing indoor soccer with some of his old buds. Oh yeah… he rode 1000+ miles in May from FLETC in GA to Washington, D.C., raising money for the C.O.P.S. organization and $1000 for our local law enforcement memorial.

Kenna – Turned 13 this year and is in 8th grade. She’s doing really well in school and seems to be getting a little more into the social scene. She ran Cross Country again this fall and is still playing soccer. She also made the Scholars Bowl team and is having fun with that. We’re still waiting for her to buzz in and actually answer a question, but I’m sure her confidence will build as time goes on! Oh, she’s officially taller than me by a significant amount! Not hard to do, but the race is now on to beat her dad :)

Jake – Turned 11 this year and is in 6th grade. He’s also doing really well in school and his teachers seem to really enjoy him. One called him “very organized” which we found pretty humorous! Another called him “exceptionally bright” which, of course, made us very proud. He’s doing well in Boy Scouts and has joined the running club at school. He’s set to run his first 3k race on Nov 6! He’s still playing the clarinet and soccer has kept him pretty busy, since he was playing on 2 teams this past fall. Jake has grown a few inches over the summer and will probably pass me up before too long!

Josh – Turned 9 this summer and is in 4th grade. He’s doing very well in school and is enjoying his teacher (the same teacher Jake had for 4th grade). He loves to be in front of a crowd and to make people laugh! He’s plugging along in Cub Scouts and enjoying all the camping with Dad! Josh also played soccer this fall and loves to ride his bike around the ‘hood. He’s still pretty popular with the ladies at school and talks about girls way more than his big brother ever did!

Me – Well, it’s been a wild and crazy year. I was encouraged to start Weight Watchers with a friend back in February and have since lost 56 pounds! It feels great to have shed all that extra weight that I’ve been toting around, well, since I started having babies back in ’96. I’ve got about 15lbs or so to lose until I reach my goal. I decided to give running a try back in June and picked a 5k to run at the beginning of September. During the course of my training, Jay talked me into training for a half marathon! I ran that on 10-10-10… 13.1 miles in 2:40:48. I said I’d probably never do another one again, but here I sit… signed up to run another half in Phoenix in January! I wouldn’t say that I’m a lover of running, but I’m extremely motivated by the results on the scale :)

I think we’ve learned a lot this year. Life is too short and people are too precious to take the little things for granted. So we need to tell the people that we love that we love them daily. We need to thank them for the small and seemingly mundane things they do. We need to enjoy being in their company and cherish the moments we get because you never know when those moments will end.

Merry Christmas!


I have some updating to do here, but this will have to do for now.  Maybe I should make keeping the blog updated one of my New Year’s resolutions!

Us… in silhouette.

My Family from


The countdown to the first day of school has begun.  The kids aren’t necessarily excited about it, but I have to admit that I’m looking forward to getting back to something that resembles a routine.

I took the kids to Tanganyika Wildlife Park this week.  We’ve been wanting to go and I figured it was time when they started offering a BOGO special on Wednesday’s!  It’s a small park and they don’t have a ton of animals or exhibits, but you can interact with several of the animals which makes it a really cool experience.  We were able to feed the giraffes,




and lories.

Feeding the lemurs was by far the winner!  The kids exchanged their token for a cranberry, held a closed hand up to the lemur and he would open your hand and take the fruit.  The first time we visited the exhibit, they were all napping.  The kids all decided to go back before we left and found that the lemurs were all awake, which meant that they would crawl across your lap for the treat!
The lemurs were so soft! I’d like to bring this little guy home. I think the keeper said his name was Vegas.

I think we’ll definitely go back again when it’s cooler.

It’s been a while.

I’ve kind of gotten out of the habit of updating this blog and I think Facebook is probably mostly to blame!  It feels redundant to post here and there, but I think it’s time to recomit to the blog.

We survived spring soccer season, the 2nd semester of school, Cub Scout camp, a few birthdays and now summer vacation is already half over!

Jake went to a Ground School Academy put on by Kansas STARBASE.  He had an incredible time and ended the experience with a flight in a private plane.

McKenna turned 12 a few weeks ago.  I’m still coming to terms with the fact that this is our last year of parenting a pre-teen girl!  She just returned from a week-long soccer camp at a local college.  It must have been a ton of fun because she was asking if she could come again next year as we were leaving the dorms!

Joshua is still such a little character!  He’s always saying things that make us laugh and I imagine he’s a lot like his Daddy was at this age!  He’s counting down the days until his birthday (37, in case you are wondering) and can’t wait for soccer to start again.

So there’s a quick and dirty update.  Hopefully it won’t be so long between updates next time!

I Suppose…

I could probably be charged with blog neglect. Let’s hope nobody turns me in!

Needless to say, November and December were pretty busy months for us and not because of the holidays. We sold the house, bought a new one over Thanksgiving and then spent the rest of the year packing up all of our belongings. Christmas was pretty low key, but I have to say that not having to worry about all the Santa stuff was a huge relief this year. We went to Christmas Eve service and then opened our presents when we got home. Almost all of us enjoyed sleeping in Christmas morning… Jay, of course, was up early for one of his final duck hunts.

Packing the truck was more than a little stressful. We were all very doubtful that we’d be able to fit all of our belongings on the truck! It was a super tight squeeze, but our friends worked some magic and packed it all in. Loading day was gorgeous… we couldn’t have asked for nicer weather. Moving day was a whole other story! It was cold and windy and bad weather forced us to take a different route. It took us nearly 9 hours to make the journey that usually takes us 6!

So, we’re settling in and boxes are gradually disappearing. We love the new house! You should come for a visit if you haven’t already :)

New Digs

The Lord has really blessed us and it’s been very clear to us during this move.  We left behind some truly amazing friends in North Platte that we’ll have to stay in contact with.  Life won’t be the same without them :(

School Picture Time

Aren’t they cute? :)




Someone please tell the 9-year-old that it really is ok to smile and show some teeth for these things!

Halloweenies In Action

The weather was beautiful this year for Trick-or-Treating! Some friends came by and we walked about a mile, gathering entirely too much candy.

McKenna had a hard time choosing a costume this year. She really wanted something super scary (which I nixed) and didn’t want anything girly (good thing because apparantly the trend this year is super slutty), so we finally settled on a pirate.


The boys were zombie soccer players. Jake’s soccer coach had a great idea for this costume and the boys loved it! Jay did a great job attaching the balls to the jerseys!

My little zombies.

Josh had the scary zombie look down pat!


The dogs were a little late to the game, since I refused to pay $7 for a dog costume. I got suckered in last night when Kenna noticed that they were 75% off ;)

Diego was not a fan… at all.


Daisy tolerated it long enough for me to snap a picture and then she was pawing it off of her head. I guess I don’t really blame her!


Poor Diego… he’s such a good sport! Here’s Jake pretending to bite the "hot dog!"


Did You Think I Forgot About You?

My poor, little neglected blog. I can’t believe I’ve gone a month without at least saying hello! Needless to say, it’s been more than a little busy around here!


Soccer season is over, thank goodness. As much as I love watching the kids play, I’m not a huge fan of the driving all over creation. Kenna’s team placed 3rd in fall league. The last few games were pretty brutal, but the girls had fun. Jake’s team came together for a tournament a few weekends ago and kicked bootay! It was so awesome to see the boys mesh and play like they’d been playing soccer together all summer. (A little back story… the head and assistant coach quit before the season was over and took about half the team with them. The club ended up combining the 2 U10 teams, so these boys had about 3 weeks of practicing together before the tournament.) The Blue Devils won all 3 games… what an awesome way to end the year!


The kids are all doing great! We have conferences this coming week and I’m hoping to hear what wonderful little angels I have! Hey, no laughing!

The biggest news of all is that we are moving! We stuck the "for sale" sign in the yard about a week ago and are praying for a speedy sale! Jay has to be there in January and we’d really like to move together. We’ve had quite a bit of activity and even a repeat showing, so I’m hoping that we’ll be hearing something soon.